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Foundation Services

How Does Foundation Settlement Originate?

Stair-step brick cracking.

There are many causes of foundation settlement:

  • Poor Drainage

  • High Moisture Content

  • Rising Water Tables

  • Consolidation of Soils

  • Insufficient Compaction During Building Process

  • Root Systems from Tree and Other Vegetation

  • Foundations Built Partially on Bedrock and On Soil

Symptoms of Foundation Settlement:

  • Brick Cracks

  • Stair Step Cracks in Block

  • Diagonal Drywall Cracks

  • Misaligned Windows and Doors

  • Sagging Floors

  • Gaps Between Walls and Floors

  • Cracked Floors and Tile

  • Separation of Trim and Moldings

  • Bowing or tilting basement walls

If your believe your home has undergone foundational error, let T.H.E. Construction check, diagnose, and correct your foundational issues today!

Your Solutions

Adjustable Steel Piers

Foundation pier

Certified Installer!

Foundation underpinning with helical piers

Stop Foundation Settlement

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