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  • Do we install floors?
    No, we do not install floor. We repair the floor systems itself. This includes repairs to the joists, girders, rim boards, sill plates. We can also lift and level floors.
  • Are we plumbers?
    No, we are licensed and bonded general contractors. We perform drainage services for your property but we do not perform any tasks that tie in with pressurized plumbing lines or sewage systems.
  • Do we have an engineer on staff?
    No, we do not employee any engineers currently. Many of the repairs we perform do not actually need plans from an engineer. Depending on the scope of the project, we may require an engineering assessment to proceed and work with many talented ones in the Nashville area.
  • Do we remodel rooms?
    We can help in the process but would not perform all the repairs ourselves. T.H.E. does very little “finish” work (drywall, paint, fixtures, cabinets) except in small circumstances in conjunction with other work within our scope. We will be happy to work with the general contractor on your project for any repairs within our specialty.
  • Will we come patch drywall?
    This is a situation we would be happy to refer you to one of our contractors who specializes in that area. We can, and do, at times patch drywall but that is not the type of job we are looking to pursue by itself. It would need to be part of another larger project we are currently working on.
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