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Adjustable Steel Support posts are immediate and permanent repairs designed to support floor structures such as girders, beams, and floor joists. These supports are most commonly used in crawl spaces where high humidity and moisture have caused rot and deflection which results in bowing floors, misaligned doors, windows, and walls.

Intellijacks are our proprietary name for adjustable steel support piers.  These were designed by our founder and are made specifically for us locally. Intellijacks consist of a steel adjustable plate and screw system, which allows for precise lifting or support. This is atop a 3-inch steel pipe cut to length for each application. All of this is supported by our 16" x 16" precast concrete pad, which is double reinforced. The footing for these can be poured in place depending on the situation. 


Intellijack installed on a precast concrete pad


Intellijack installed on a concrete footer poured on location. 

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