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Floor System Services

The floor system of your home is typically composed of a girder, floor joists, subfloor, underlayment, and finished flooring. Your floor will oftentimes show if it has developed any structural damages or defects. Some tell-tale signs of this are the ones you can view without going into the crawl space or removing anything.

Symptoms that are are commonly visible are: 

  • Gaps between the floor and trim

  • Doors may no longer close correctly

  • Area of the floor becomes noticeably softer

  • Floors are sloping

  • Bowing or "humps" in the floor 

  • Cracks in tile or hardwood

  • Worn lines in vinyl floors

Damaged flooring.png

T.H.E. constructions offer a myriad of solutions to your floor structure. We are prepared to repair anything from something as simple as a joist hanger to lifting and leveling entire systems. Our team is composed of expert carpenters and is capable of executing complex designs. T.H.E. believes in doing it right the first time and stands behind our performance and our warranties. 

Find out more about Intellijacks, which are oftentimes used in floor system repairs. 

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