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Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load-bearing walls are walls that support the weight of the structure above it. This may be from the roof or another story in the home or building and are critical to structural integrity. T.H.E. Construction has been one of Middle Tennessee's leading experts for load-bearing wall removal with hundreds performed to date with zero failures reported. We work closely with structural engineers in complex situations and can install LVL engineered lumber and steel I-beams as desired or specified as required by the conditions. These types of modifications are highly specialized and should only be performed by qualified professionals.

These types of walls are not always in the ideal location of floorplans. A popular option is to achieve an open floorplan by removing load-bearing walls separating the living and dining rooms as well as with kitchen designs. The weight of the overlying structure and the types of materials used are accounted for in the process of designing each custom solution. 

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