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Vapor Barrier

A crawl space vapor barrier is a thin sheet of plastic that is placed over the dirt floor. It is used to help prevent moisture from causing rot, mold, or allergens from developing. Vapor barriers are the minimum required in homes to pass inspection.

Encapsulations are an upgrade and superior to a traditional vapor barrier. Encapsulations are recommended in most situations as they provide added benefits to overall crawl space health. This process used is as follows:


  • Remove the existing vapor barrier and all debris from the crawl space

  • Seal the utility penetrations using hydraulic cement

  • Install a 12-mil fiber reinforced poly vapor barrier to cover the entire crawl space floor

  • Extend the vapor barrier up the foundation walls a minimum of 16”

  • Wrap the interior piers a minimum of 16” above the crawl space floor

  • Seal all joints in the vapor barrier using White vapor barrier tape

  • Connect the encapsulation to the foundation walls and piers using Todol Foam and Ramset washered nails

Whether you are looking for a practical way to increase the equity in your home or just need a quick solution, trust T.H.E. Construction to get the job done right the first time. 

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