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Types of Drains

Interior French Drain


Interior French Drains are the most effective solution to interior moisture and standing water within your crawl space. This drain allows water to infiltrate the perimeter foundation walls, contact the drain, and then terminate immediately. This all occurs beneath your vapor barrier and/or encapsulation. 


The most common water drainage solution for a crawl space is an exterior French drain around the perimeter foundation walls and footers. This drain catches the water as it enters through the foundation wall. It collects the water and reroutes it to a gravity-fed positive drain or a sump pump collection system, depending on the surface elevation around the crawl space.

Exterior French Drain

Curtain Drain

A curtain drain is a linear drain installed in your yard. A trench is excavated, lined with a filter fabric, and a slotted corrugated pipe. This is then covered with gravel and finally soil. This solution is the best way to reroute unwanted water and leave your yard pristine for you to enjoy. 

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