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Foundation Repair
Symptoms of Foundation Settlement

  • Brick Cracks
  • Stair Step Cracks in Block
  • Diagonal Drywall Cracks
  • Sticking/Misaligned Windows and Doors
  • Sagging Floors
  • Gaps Between Walls and Floors
  • Cracked Floors and Tile
  • Separation of Trim and Moldings
How Foundation Settlement Originates
There are many causes of foundation settlement.
Poor drainage, high moisture content and rising water tables.
Consolidation of the soils under the loading of the house.
Insufficient compaction during the building process.
Root systems from trees and other vegetation.
Foundations built partially on bedrock and on soil.
Foundation Piers
When settlement occurs, replacement of foundation walls can prove to be expensive as well as extremely messy. Your entire household is disrupted during the process.
Installing footing piers is less expensive and much less disruptive to your home.
Steel Push Piers
Steel push piers are driven through the soil to bedrock. The pier is attached to the foundation using a steel bracket that is bolted to the footing. Once the assembly is in place, the foundation is supported, and in most cases, lifted back into position. Steel push piers can be installed year round and in most cases, require little disturbance to the landscaping. Steel push piers stabilize your foundation and carry a lifetime warranty.
Helical Piers
Helical piers are more commonly used for lighter structures or when bedrock is too deep to access.
Helical piers are hydraulically driven into the soil until a suitable strata is reached. They are then attached to the foundation similar to the push pier. Helical piers also carry a lifetime warranty.
Adjustable Steel Support Post Piers, "Intelli-Jack"
Adjustable steel support posts are an immediate, permanent repair designed to support floor structures such as girders, beams and floor joists. These supports are most commonly used in crawl spaces where high humidity and moisture have caused rot and deflection which results in bowing floors, misaligned doors, windows and walls. Rebar reinforced concrete footings are installed to support the posts.
Foundation Replacement
In some cases, foundation walls are damaged by lateral movement of the soils, blasting, or human error. In these cases, the concrete footings are not damaged and have not suffered settlement.

Supporting the overlying structure and foundation wall replacement becomes necessary in these cases.

When the need arises, T.H.E. Construction is experienced in this type of repair.

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